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Trust Welcome,


SJSSS Trust has been working with absolute determination with a single point goal of sustaining and revitalizing the vedic culture through veda adhyayana and adhyapana. The trust has been conducting the Veda Sabha in both Telangana and Rayalaseems regions, with the divine blessings of the Peethadhipatis and Gurus. A sizeable number of Vedic scholars are holders of the Patta awarded by the SJSSS Trust. Along with the Veda Sabhas, the trust has also been conducting various other programs aimed at maintaining the vedic life in the society. One of such programs is the immensely popular annual summer Sandhya Vandana Camp. During this residential camp of 2 weeks during,  offered free to suited vatu, basic Sandhya vandana anushtana is taught to the students, along with other vedic hymns. At the end of the camp, the students will be able to perform the anusthana at home, fulfilling a part of the nitya karma mandated by the shastras.



Whenever there is a danger of the sanatana dharma glani, God takes birth on our earth, directly or in the form of great men, for the dharma uththAna . Shri JanardanAnanda Saraswati Swamy is one of those greats who have walked on the earth in the 20th century, practiced Sanatana Dharma and laid the path for the rest of us to follow. His life, his teachings as well as his literary works have inspired and helped many to practice sadhana and tapas in their lives.

In order to take his ideals and teachings forward, implement and promote among the people, Sri Janardananda Saraswati Swamy Samsmruthi Trust is formed and registered in 2003, by like minded individuals.

The following are Swamij's ideals, and the goals of the Trust.


  • Conducting Veda Sabha & Encouraging Vedabhyasam

  • Creation and Maintenance of Dhyana Mandirs and Tapo Vanam

  • Promoting and Cultivating Gayatri Anushtanam

  • Yati Biksha  

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