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SJSSS Trust has made a beginning to make realize the values of a brahmana Janma by holding series of seminars on an ongoing basis. The next such seminar (‘Ananda Sibiram’) is being held on 18.07.2017 at Sri Pushpagiripeetham, Begumpet. Details such as time date etc are given in the enclosed brochure.

If one goes through the lines from vedas, puranas and some of books written by stalwarts like

HH Sri Adishankaracharya one will understand what a Brahmin has to do on day to day life and how he has to lead his life every day, SJSSS Trust is making an effort to empower the Brahmin youth to lead their life in the fashion/path suggested by the HH Jagadguru’s, Vedas and Sastras. 

SJSSS Trust is requesting all of you to be part of the seminar and share our thoughts and lead the life in the direction given by our Ancestors. Please nominate your self by registering here

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